AngularJS Tutorial Part 1

by Hafeez Ansari on January 10, 2016

AngularJS TutorialThe first thing I want to congratulate you for your good decision to learn awesome javascript framework: AngularJS. In recent years, some javascript frameworks were introduced and AngularJS is one of the most popular and successful framework considered by developer community for its modular design, powerful features, Single Page Application (SPA) and MVC pattern. AngularJS made javascript client side applications more organized and less painful. In this AngularJS tutorial series, I’ll explain core features of AngularJS very clearly, easy to follow and step by step so you can get most out of this awesome framework.
In this series of AngularJS tutorial, we will be building multiple AngularJS apps ranging from simple to more complex apps. We’ll use AngularJS 1.3 because AngularJS 1.3 and greater combined with
jQuery and Twitter Bootstrap and give you everything you need to develop rapid HTML5
JavaScript application frontends that use REST web services for the backend processes. [click to continue;]


Onpage Optimization Techniques in 2016

by Hafeez Ansari on January 7, 2016

keyword-target-methods If you want to drive more traffic from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. If you want to rank your blog or website for targeted keywords you are about to learn SEO (Search Engines Optimization).

Onpage Optimization in 2016

Due to several google updates in past years, SEO strategy has been changed in 2016 to void penalties from google search engine. In this article, we discussed the latest methods of OnPage SEO which are advised by seo experts. [click to continue;]

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How to get google high page rank

by Hafeez Ansari on November 4, 2015

seo tutorialIf you are a website owner or webmaster most likely you want to see your website on higher rank on google and other search engines. With so many SEO expert’s advises and tips are available on the internet it can be hard to know who we should follow to get higher page rank.
To get high Google rankings you simply need to know who are your competitors and the coming backlinks to their websites. Backlinks are votes for website to give it rank on google. Backlinks toward your website indicate the quality and popularity of your website and google will give more credit to websites those have good number of backlinks from relevant websites. The term “relevant” should be read as relevant. For example if your website is about web design then if the inbound links coming from any web design related website or blog will be preferred and it does make sense for google as well as readers. [click to continue;]


WordPress White Screen Of Death Solution

by Hafeez Ansari on November 4, 2015

If you are a wordpress user, chances are that you can see blank white screen (WSOD) after a plugin installation, theme installation or after a wordpress version upgrade. This error is very frustrating for wordpress users because there is no error display on screen and this error can lock your wordpress admin panel and your website. If you have faced this error, don’t be panic. This error can be easily fixed.
In this tutorial we’d discuss some various things that cause it and some solutions to fix this error. WordPress white screen of death error can occur for the following reasons and we’d discuss step by step. [click to continue;]


CSS3 Border Radius for All Major Browsers

by Hafeez Ansari on November 4, 2015

Creating rounded corners with CSS3 is a great improvement. Different browsers implemented this syntax in different ways but today we can say that border-radius is supported by all major browsers.
CSS3 Standard Property is ‘border-radius’

.box { 

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CSS hacks for web designers

September 9, 2012

Dealing with browsers is a regular job of web designers. Sometime its more difficult to accomplish a desired layout in all major web browsers without the use of some special exception rules for certain layout engines. Sometime there is no way for designers to get the job done without using CSS hacks to solve a […]

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HTML / CSS centered menu

August 8, 2012

Creating a centered LI menu is not as easy as people are thinking about this specially when menu has unknown links and width. When you are creating a front-end and placing some links on the menu, you can’t figure out the exact number of links will be placed on a dynamic website. I have faced […]

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Web Designing Guidelines to Build a Best Mobile Website.

July 3, 2012

How to design and build a best mobile website? Web has gone mobile. More and more people are using internet on their iPhone, BlackBerry, or Android phone and these mobile devices are totally changing the way we interact with information. Therefore, mobile websites are becoming significant, but it’s not always easy to know where to […]

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Rising up the Google Ranks with Best Keywords Selection.

July 3, 2012

Right keywords selection is essential for running a successful search engine marketing campaign. SEO strategies for a website largely depend upon the quality of the keywords. The results for choosing best keywords can be significant increase in the search engine ranking. Choosing wrong keywords for a SEO campaign and putting all your efforts and money […]

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What are DoFollow links?

June 9, 2012

In this article, i am going to explain “What DoFollow links are?” as I mentioned in my previous article How to get google high page rank. Link is a connection between two websites. Links can be located in website copy (text), blog articles and Pictures. Visual ads are good examples of links. What are DoFollow […]

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